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High School Choice Application

Attention all eighth grade students, the High School Choice Application will open on NOvember 15, 2023. If you have not started writing your essay, you should do so now. Best of Luck with the application process. 

First page of the PDF file: HSOPENHOUSEFLYER_1

ESSAY QUESTION-  Paterson Public Schools aims to promote students who strive to be: 

Inquirers  Thinkers  Communicators Problem solvers Risk-takers Please compose a 200-250 word essay highlighting how you have shown that you are one or more of these things?  How will your school choice help you develop as a student and as a person?

Here are some ideas for starting your essays....

  • As a Paterson Public School student, I strive to be a (inquirer, thinker, communicator, problem solver, risk taker)
  • I take pride in being a (inquirer, thinker, communicator, problem solver, risk taker)
  • As a (inquirer, thinker, communicator, problem solver, risk taker) I am committed to__________
  • I have shown that I am a (inquirer, thinker, communicator, problem solver, risk taker) by______

πŸ”ŽπŸ”ŒManchester High School Application IS NOW AVAILABLE...πŸ“’πŸ“£πŸ””πŸ”ŠπŸ“ž

The application has been attached below as well as the OPEN HOUSE (OCTOBER 18th) information. 

Please see us if you need a hard copy of the application.

Thank you!


High School Flyer


Flyer 2

Manchester Website

PCTI's application link is below...OPEN today and closes on December 15th...

Also please see the application instructions below.
Lastly, please do the application at home with your parent(s)/ guardian(s)!

Email me at for questions.

PCTI Application Instructions 

PCTI Application Process

Step 1:
• Go to and click on the “School Application” link
• Click on “Apply Online” and select “New User”
• Create your own Username and Password and fill in required information then “Save”
• Fill-out the entire application then click one of the “Save and Submit” buttons, located at the
top and bottom of the application
• If a message appears on the top of your application indicating that an error has been made,
correct the mistakes, then click one of the “Save and Submit” buttons
• A message will be displayed congratulating you for successfully submitting your application
after you have filled in all required fields
• NOTE: Grade 10 applicants may only select those programs which will permit a student
to enter after missing the first year of the program

Step 2:
• Once you have successfully submitted your application, PCTI and your current school
counselor will receive an email stating that you have applied
• Your school counselor must fill-out the “School Information” questionnaire and then send
PCTI all of the required school records. These records are:
– Your final grades from your 2 prior school years
– Your Standardized Test results from at least one of your 2 prior school years. If both
year’s Standardized Test results are submitted, the highest score in each category
will be used to calculated your “Application Score”
– Special Education students must submit a current I.E.P as well as additional
required information

Step 3:
• When the required records are received by PCTI an evaluation of the records will take place.
Students will earn points in the following categories: academic grades, standardized test
scores, attendance, discipline record and work habits. The final “application Score” will rank
from 0 to 100 points.

Step 4:
• Some shop majors require an audition, interview or portfolio submission. Students will be
invited to these based on their total “Application Score”. Please note that not all applicants
will be invited in for an audition, interview or portfolio submission. Invitations will be based on
the number of applicants applying for the Shop Major, the number of available spaces and
the student’s overall “Application Score”

Step 5:
• Acceptance letters are sent out in “Rounds of Acceptance”. Acceptances span over a period
of four months.
• Students who receive an “Acceptance Packet” must send back the required forms in their
packet by the requested due date. Incomplete and/or unreturned paperwork may result in
forfeiture of your acceptance.